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For all your personal and professional projects, Younes Duret and his team will give you the most appropriate solutions to make them practical, appealing, innovative, original and most of all marketable… in other words : Unique

Preliminary analysis, design, production… The purpose of working with a Designer is undoubtedly the realization of a product expressing a strong concept, functional and attractive, which minimizes the final price and manufacturing costs. Our team analyse confidentially your personal projects, whether they are professional or private, to bring you the most accurate answers. We will respond promptly to offer you the best solutions.

Congratulated by the Ensci jury-the Ateliers –(National Superior School of Industrial Design) and rewarded by the Marc-Charras Prize of creation and invention at the international Biennale of industrial design of St Etienne (France), Younes Duret’s creations have been selected and shown in numerous exhibitions around the world and have been widely recognized on the international design scene. The designer has made a name for himself through theses creations.


combine art, science, and technology to create new products that people can use
Engineer in industrial design, Younes knows the various materials and industrial production techniques to manufacture the object. It will seek to think the product so that it is useful, attractive, environmentally friendly, innovative, ergonomic, cost-effective, customizable and part of the trend.


creation of the brand, visual identity, logo, packaging, website, brochure…
The design of your logo as well as the establishment of the graphic guidelines are made using the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign …). To create your websites and e-businesses, the agency works on the following programming languages: Java, PHP, MySql, Html5…


retail space, hotel, restaurant, signage, scenography…
A retail space should be on the product image to optimize its identity and marketing. The outlets are as important as the products themselves. Whether it si for a shop, a restaurant or a hotel, combining all aspects of aesthetics, functionality and sales system will be fully investigated.


sound of a website, sound element for a space or a retail shop, sound of a product…
More than a passion, sound design is a reality for the object. Only few companies take into account the effect of sound on the human impact.
We also organize cultural events in partnership with the web radio Ness Radio,

Global Design

How to make an object meaningful so it becomes a competitive asset for the company and be perceived positively by the consumer?

Globalization has caused transformations and the abundance of choice now available has changed the consumer. More demanding, he will not only look for a beautiful product but will expect it to be functional, ergonomic, eco-friendly and pioneering; a strong profile product. In this new environment where product conception is essential, the global designer will be the ideal connection between the company and the consumer. A strong decision-maker in the proposal, his role is to imagine and then finalize a project in its totality, from the stage of conception to the communication strategy, from the development to production.

Concerning working on a company, the designer will contribute in reshaping or creating a corporate image, so that it can enter this competitive market faster with new original products accessing an economy of scale (better profit, lower production costs). When it comes to consumers, the designer will fulfill their expectations and even create new demands by conceiving functional, visual and useful products at the same time. By triggering the desire to consume, the global designer is an essential player in developing countries wealth and contributing to the economy.

Design in figures…

What can Design and designers do?

Design contributes directly to companies high-performance. When asked about their choices, companies say that they are ‘on a race to innovation’ and want to stand out because consumers became more informed and demanding. The penetration of Design in small and medium size businesses is quite stable (36%) and increases with the size of the company, 44% in a company with more than 100 employees.

% of SMB which contract designers regularly
(expect return on investment in less than 3 years)


% of SMB that observe progress in market shares


% of SMB that record sales increased on the local market


% of SMB that record sales increased on the international market


% of SMB observe raises in prices and gross profit


% of SMB notice an improvement on financial performances
(compared to the other SMB which don’t contract designers)


Dossier DGCIS / Étude du Ministère de l’industrie en France

A Know-how at the peak of the technology

The Younes Duret design agency offers a complete mastery of the technologies involved in high-definition rendering.

Product design or spatial design: the team works on 3DS Max, V-RAY and Rhino computer programs in order to obtain 3D realistic pictures. From now on, with a 3D Replicator 2 printer, you can get a prototype of the object or of the prospective space.

Graphic design: conceiving your logo as well as the setting up of the corporate identity, all achieved by using the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…)

Digital design: in order to create your website or e-commerce site, the agency works with the following programming languages; Java,PHP,MySql,Html5…

Updated on the latest technological evolutions, our design agency currently has the main tool of the third industrial revolution: the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ and the Replicator2 3D printers. Made from ‘bioplastic’, organic plastic made from corn starch, this revolutionary device is able to make an object from a model created on computer. Virtual reality becomes real for the first time in history.

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