The Zellifood concept was born during a performance of cooking design orchestrated by Younes Duret and Fabrice Vuillin, a two starred chef in the Michelin guide who moved to Marrakech. The idea of compartmentalized little dishes is inspired from north african and levantine cookery. A tribute to the “Mezzé” – lebanese appetizers-, the “Kémia” – tunisian appetizers- and the antique feasts where people ate with their fingers and picked at multiple assorted dishes, Zellifood follows the geometrical pattern of a Zellige tile as it displays colorful and diverse tasty appetizers in nine different plates. Zellifood is a fun and imaginative way to set small and bigger dishes giving choice to taste a diversity of flavors in a contrasting and chromatic experience, given one’s taste.

Zellifood plate L.30X H.30 x H.1,5 cms, ceramic.

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