As is the name of this design, Tarbouche is directly inspired from the iconic moroccan hat esthetically speaking. The feel comes before the concept for this armchair. It is a voluptuous invitation to the senses for total relaxation, with its round and comfy shape. The generous and soft material of the triple layer pillow is strapped to the seat to adjust according to taste. It is a seat of modern times, totally relevant to our today lifestyle. It combines a lacquered (tubulary) metal structure as the base with a deviating floral foot that is coupled with its matching coffee table.

TARBOUCHE Armchair .L 84 x l. 90 x H. 70 cm. Matte thermo-lacquered aluminium structure. Texsilk canvas pillows.

TARBOUCHE Table, L.120 X L.60 X H. 36 cm Matte thermo-lacquered aluminium structure, natural beech wood tray.