A global design project entirely developed by Younes Duret (name, logotype, web site, visual identity, brand guidelines and launch collection), Souk’na (meaning “my home”, “my universe”) is a brand new, 100% Moroccan, contemporary home furnishings brand affiliated with POÉTIQUE, the premium fabrics designer and importer. What is its special sign? It is the first label in Morocco – but also in the Arab world – to enter the sector of designer furniture. Modern, rooted in the Middle Eastern culture, the brand offers a combination of innovation, know-how and tradition. Through a close collaboration between designers and craftspeople, it seeks to propose the very best in design through modern, fun, functional and more importantly, customizable collections, by way of a wide selection of surface coatings, materials, shades, and varnishes.
Developed under the premises of nomadism and modularity, the 2014/2015 collection, designed by Younes Duret, is composed of, alongside the iconic Mini Zelli bookcase that needs no introduction, furniture and objects that are at the service of fabrics: Sofarab, Boussa, Sghrira and Sâfr.

“Souk’na is a Moroccan home furnishings brand, whose concept is based on the combination of contemporary designers’ innovation and the traditional expertise of our craftspeople. Our mission is to offer you the ultimate in design through a close collaboration between our designers and craftspeople who represent the know-how of Morocco.” Batoul Boudoua, Cofounder

369 Q.I. Sidi Ghanem, 40000 MARRAKECH

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Alluding to Bedouin nomadism where trunks enabled caravans to travel while taking with them all of the bivouac accessories, Sofarabe is a fully versatile and customizable sofa. True to the aesthetics of the Moroccan living room in terms of size and proportion, it is composed of three modules, each formed by a seat with a removable cover strapped like a saddle over a walnut wooden box whose decor or function can be individually altered with new elements that will soon be available in limited editions.

3 types of modules: library/ Zelli / metal structure
Dimensions of a module: H. 46 x L. 90 x l. 90 cm
Color of the metal structure: black / white / bronze
Wood: walnut / beech / oak
Feet: stainless steel
Fabric Seat: Bruce de Guell La Madrid – Colour 77/78
Cushions: Tatoo de James Malone – 103 + Break de Guell La Madrid – Colour 46 + SUBTIL de Dominique Kieffer – 17200 TOMATE


Ultra cozy, Boussa is a chair that borrows its aesthetics from the wide mdamma that are used as belts for traditional Moroccan caftans. Used to refine the waist by tightening it to sublimate the woman’s curves and slim down her figure, the principle of this accessory is applied here to the object’s base whose unusual height and strict verticality increase the removable seat’s impression of comfort and sensuality, thus making it seem to throne voluptuously on a pedestal.

Size: H. 95 x L. 80 x l.80 cm
Color back legs: rouge
Wood species of the front foot: chêne
Fabrics: MECANO de James Malone – 21Aqua


Just like its big sister the Zelli bookcase, Mini Zelli’s shape recreates a graphic system from a structure of zellige, the traditional Moroccan mosaic. As fun as its predecessor, this little wall bookcase is composed of 8 identical interlocking modules that can be assembled in no time and put together without nails or screws, and enables, due to its small size, any type of composition or diversion. Try for yourself…

Sizes: D. 100 x P. 25 cm.
Available colors: black / white
Material: Komacell


Sghrira is a piece of occasional furniture which stems from an observation: because of its fixed tray, a coffee table is never actually functional as it is static and ultimately only serves to receive objects or an additional tray. However, with removable trays, it becomes a dynamic element that provides a direct action to accompany daily activities. Revisited around this principle, Sghira is a piece of graphical furniture with an ethereal metal base, which has three removable elements of different shapes and sizes and embedded in invisible prints created in its cushion top. Read, sip coffee, take a meal or an aperitif … Sghrira adapts to all desires, simply choose the tray adapted to your desires and needs. Or put the trays away, to convert it into a footstool or a booster seat in no time.

Size: H. 38 x P. 60 x l. 100 cm.
Color of the metal structure: black / white / bronze
Wood trays: walnut / beech / oak
Plates: white lacquered wood
Fabric: Little Jeffe de James Malone – 82


Potholder, vase, stem vase … whatever its use may be, Sâfr is an infinitely modular accessory which dresses and undresses depending on the season and on the mood of the moment to reinvent itself at will. The main difficulty probably lies in having to make choose among the countless fabric references. For the rest, there is nothing easier: simply attach the fabric cover onto the collar of the metal frame and then insert the ceramic pot to stretch it over. And there you have Sâfr, proud to present its new outfit that displays itself in every angle and for all eyes to see, in an almost weightless fashion…

Small model: H. 29 x L. 24 x l. 24 cm
Medium model: H. 36 x L. 30 x l. 30 cm
Big model: H. 44 x L. 40,5 x l. 40,5 cm

Color of the metal structure: black / white / bronze
Ceramic vases color: white
Fabric: TATTOO de James Malone – 1011 Intenso + SUBTIL de Dominique Kieffer – 17200 ACIER + Break de Guell La Madrid – Colour 36