A global design project entirely thought over by Younes Duret, Fine Lalla is a delicious concentrate of Morocco in Paris in a 15.6 x9.5 m long restaurant. The first of its kind between a snacking area, a patisserie counter, a deli store corner and a juice bar. Conceived to imitate a little moroccan street, from which came the logo, the corporate identity as the whole specification of the brand. This venue recreates the rules , where actors, colors, various materials, imperfections and other ingredients meet… from a pop up shop to specialized retail. A real crossroad for networking and sharing, with an overload of good aesthetics and fun, where we feel like mesmerized children again…

“Modern, colored, refined and unique, the 1st Fine Lalla concept store welcomes you at the Opera Garnier’s quarter in Paris where one can relish on a typical moroccan meal, or drink mint tea or fresh citrus juice.” Mehdi Draoui, co-founder

23, rue Louis-Le-Grand, 75002 PARIS

‘Fine Lalla ?’ furnitures are available at our online store Access

Fine Lalla ? is Vice Grand Prize winner of ‘Jeunes Créateurs du Commerce’ (Unibail-Rodamco)

For the 6th year in a row, the Business Grand Prize Jury of Young designers rewarded the three best commercial concepts, the most promising and original ones.

2d prize: Fine Lalla. The second prize was given to this new original fast food venue where the public can relish on moroccan cooking. Fine Lalla will win a free access to a store space and six months rent free in an Unibail-Rodamco major shopping center, reward worth 400 000 Euros.

With a global grant of 1,3 million euros, the Business Grand Prize of young designers is the most important incentive in France to help launch enterprises. This reward is a chance for new talented designers to get their start and major exposure. Their innovative appeal is an asset for developing business in Shopping centers willing to have a more modern approach and offering more choice.