“It is the light that first seizes us when we behold the desert plains of southern Morocco. Blinding at midday or gentle at dawn, it constantly modulates the monochromatic subtlety of the landscape […]. Who could thus imagine the profusion of color that fills the interiors of these homes?”

Christine BouillocCo-curator of the exhibition

The words of Christine Bouilloc on the opposite page reflect the same surprise felt by the exhibition curators when they unexpectedly discovered these multicolored rugs in a monochromatic desert. The exhibition design is loosely inspired by this emotional aspect. As one tours the exhibition, one should experience a contrast of meanings, whose differences have been emphasized. This approach, at once disturbing and startling, is meant to transport the visitor to an emotionally charged vortex where, at times, visual points of reference have been lost. As beliefs are suspended, we enter a mysterious realm of discovery that animates us all.

The exhibition was designed as an immersive voyage, offering the visitor a rich sensory experience. One by one, we discover a sequence of rug-paintings, whose abstract patterns evoke a symphony of colors.

The adventure does not stop there. Imagined as an ode to the creative spirit, the exhibition creates a space where we meet the woman weavers of the Aït Khebbach tribe, and where their souls seem to vibrate in unison.
Born from a feminine freedom of expression, their rugs manifest both craftsmanship and design. Their innovative quality is found in the weavers’ sourcing of second-hand material while reclaiming the means of production, namely the art of weaving. A genuine design approach is behind these commonplace items, which were created using ordinary and recycled factory-made products combined with traditional material.

From nothingness springs creativity; from the desert, design is born.

Our gaze, continually aroused by the exhibition design, leads us to interact with the rugs and grasp the artistic gesture linked to the material and originality of the patterns.

We leave the exhibition somewhat initiated in the creative process.

Design and creation of the scenography and all elements of communication (Poster, invitation, press release)

DESERT DESIGN exhibition from June 16th to October 8th, 2019 at the musée Yves Saint Laurent marrakech