This ceiling light was born when Younes Duret acknowledged that handicraft still plays a major role in countries where the economy did not let the industrial sector eradicate traditional production! In Morocco as in all the Arab world, handicraft allows people to specialize in their expertise present in the medinas, bazaars and souks (markets). By the time we complete assembling the pieces, Dows invites you to observe the meaning of manufacturing an ancient craftsmanship transmitted through generations. It gives one the option to look at the high-tech version, magnifying the grandeur of the hand work. A wooden structure finely laser cut in which hand made sabra necklaces intertwine, a poetic mix that makes moroccan craftsmanship so special.

Dow ceiling light. L:52/W:52/H:75,5/ cms or L:26/W.26/H:
Laser cut wooden varnished structure, accessorized with hand made sabra necklaces

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