Bodor is a company of large distribution and services of agricultural input of a high value-added element. Since it was created in 1985, this family business from Morocco has developed a know-how in three ranges of activity ; major farming, gardening seeds and food supplements for agricultural production. Its high level of expertise explains the company’s reputation, locally and internationally and the partnerships with high-profile names of the agricultural sector worldwide. It also created jobs in the area of development and distribution of its products. The company’s new visual identity (Logo, visual display information, packaging) follows the same dynamic. A graphic design assignment around a visual identity and a know-how at the peak of innovation in terms of technology. It chose to be represented by the cycle of nature. At the origins of organic life, the seed (‘bodor’ in moroccan arabic), and from the seed to the plant, that is where the brand comes in and makes the link with the motto : “at the heart of your desires”.

BODOR , Visual identity of the brand. Logo, corporate identity and packaging.