The BELEK tricycle is the ultimate example of a design product where the functionalities have determined the shape of the object. The conclusion is : in the Marrakech medina, two-weelers (bicycles and motorbikes) are the sole means of transportation but don’t offer in their standard form an appropriate way of carrying merchandise. Belek tricycle is a great solution to that : ergonomic and practical, eco-friendly and inexpensive, it meets the needs for a light vehicle in those terms.

  • By putting the handelbar and the saddle off the axis, it allows the loading area to be larger and an easier change of traction.
  • With the help of a handle that allows the back platform to lower, loading becomes easier and maintenance is simpler.
  • It can also tow other devices or attach accessories on the frame.

Approved by international standards, this project won the Marc-Charras prize of invention and creation in 1986 at the Saint-Etienne International Biennale of design.

Belek Tricycle, L 120 x W 67 x H 72 cm , welded aluminium structure.