Younes Duret

Designer & Associate

Younes Duret is an engineer who graduated cum laude in Industrial Design from the prestigious ENSCI-Les ateliers* school of Paris. He is the only designer in Morocco mastering literally all aspects of design (product design, graphic design, interior design) and the manufacturing constrains linked to mass production. Since his career began, his creative work took a groundbreaking direction towards multiculturalism, from where he originated, calling himself a ‘product’ of it. Always witnessing our times with a deeper vision enlightened by the values he acquired through both his countries of origin, france and Morocco, watching the real world and nurtured by his personal experience, he sees design like a search based on the learning from the other and the elsewhere. Through this approach, he also seeks to define new aesthetics for the Arab world. A humorous rebel against inertia, his observations of daily life codes and his questioning of obvious facts make his methodology. He then reinterprets them and offers us a new outlook on reality.
This is how, with such original inspiration, he has signed creative and interior design projects with his sister Mia since 2006 which won public acclaim, that can be qualified as pertinent as well as impertinent. Recognized internationally with the Zelli bookcase, his field of expression is broad, ranging from the food industry (Bodor), the steel industry (Mafoder), solar (Toiture Solaire) to luxury hotels (Grâce Hotel Marrakech), handicraft (development program of inlay work on metal for the city of Meknes), contemporary art (the Chamooo Theory), projects of interior design (Azar, Sergio Rossi, Fine Lalla), graphic design (NessRadio, Design Maroc), artistic collaboration (Komy) or business ventures editing furniture (Souk’na)… This experience around a language of innovation was developed along the years and has committed Younes Duret to projects requiring his presence and participation more and more, nationally or internationally, especially in arab countries during major events and conferences on Art and Design.(Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Tasmeem Lab Doha, TEDx Rabat, Nuqat DXB Dubai…) Analyzing the aesthetics of the Arab world of the 21st century, integrating different cultures and countries, defining a style combining the east and the west is for this design devil, an every day assignment.

* Created in 1982 under the patronage of Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand, the ENSCI-les ateliers school, Ecole nationale supérieure de creation industrielle, is the first national graduate school of industrial design & creation in France. A public school for commercial and industrial purposes under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, was ranked as the best school of design in the world by Red Dot Design in 2011 and the best school of design in France by the publication L’Etudiant (France)in 2012.

Mia Duret

Associate Manager & Financial Director

Trained as a manager and administrator and having graduated in Business and Administration*, Mia Duret also obtained a master in Banking and Finance. She started her career managing a travel agency and then went on to become an assets consultant in the banking sector. Five years later, she mastered management skillfully with a thorough knowledge of local businesses in Morocco and particularly convinced of the importance of design in the corporate environment. She then decided to join her brother Younes to open the creative agency Younes Duret Design taking over the key position of Design manager. As much visionary as responsive in her role, she successfully and rapidly positioned the corporate image of the agency at the center of numerous events (Maroc Design 2006) and by setting up the social blog Design Maroc. This strategy helped the agency get exposure and bring the members of the community of moroccan designers together around this emerging sector. It combined with momentum the company’s orientation and development line around projects aimed at a new generation of moroccans who are less conservative and more open to change, making them privileged advocates of modern style. Regulating the balance between creativity and rationality, Mia defines and analyses and Younes formalizes. She nowadays is in charge of customer service and sales department as well as budget and time management. Connecting the participants in a collaborative process, she suggests work policies and new tools to create value, where skills meet to serve a common project and each one’s expertise is emphasized. Furthermore, she makes the feasibility study of the projects and checks if they are grounded on reliable and solid bases. She monitors the performance using her luminous organizational skills and her pragmatism.
Gifted with an astute eye on her time and her environment, she keeps watch on the technological and design aspect, expressing constantly her determination to search, to learn and gather information in order to encourage the whole team towards innovation. This dynamic promotes in such a unique way the dialectical approach of the agency. A fist of iron in a velvet glove is what represents her, she who developed the skill of persuasion, brilliant at networking and communicating her convictions. She also discovered new talents outside the company and asked them to join different projects.(the Chamooo Theory, Medin’art) adding a zest of improvisation to the picture…

* Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize in Economics in 2015, was Professor of Mia in European Banking and Finance MasterII which he was the founder and director.


Younes Duret Design is an agency of research and consultation in design which covers product design, digital and graphic design (reworking of the brand, corporate identity and the web…) and environmental design (architectural and interior design, communication, scenography…)



For all your personal or professional projects, Younes Duret agency and its team will propose appropriate solutions that will make them efficient, appealing, innovative, original, and mostly marketable. In other words, unique.



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