A dive into the creative universe and sources of inspiration of the Moroccan designer Younes Duret and his associate Mia Duret.

Studies on the Islamic geometric motif, the Moorish architecture, the 3D printing, the emergence of design in Morocco, interviews with designers from around the world and even books of inspiration – this exceptional hors-series of prestige id will satisfy all the amateurs of design and creation!

“Younes Duret and id prestige have a lot in common: a love for design in all its entirety, a creative work that is in tune with our times, a curious mind, an often visionary imagination, a philosophy of life based on interculturality and sharing, and finally a united and sincere team. These common points allowed us to celebrate an almost obvious marriage between Younes Duret Design and our publishing company and give birth to this special issue.
I would also like to thank Mia Duret very much for the tremendous work she has done to give soul and character to this special issue.” Claude Vieillard – Publication Director

From the font, through the model, the raised subjects, and even the format of the magazine, everything was thought through and created by Younes.

Format 28x30cm / 108 pages / Distribution of 10,000 copies to all kiosks of Morocco

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