A project of digital design, Ness Radio is a thematic radio station that only airs online. Launched in 2008, Ness Radio is the first alternative moroccan web radio to schedule such a variety of alternative music continuously; offering electro-clash, hip hop, house music, new soul, G-funk… With a selection of old and new tracks, commercial or rare collector’s pieces. This is a platform for the musical community encouraging participation and collaboration where music lovers and artists from all around the world- djs, journalists, programmers, hosts, indie musicians (Michael Ruetten, Daz-I-Kue, LeFtO, Lars Behrenroth, Joe Kay…) can share, from Marrakech to L.A., London, Paris, Vienna or Brussels. Ness Radio offers a commercial free content and only airs original tracks bought from their songwriters. It works as an organization funded through donations from the auditors and organizers who self-finance themselves. The Ness Radio App is now available on smartphones.

NESS RADIO website, WordPress, PHP, Mysql, java, Html, IOS & Android applications.

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Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2015

Ness Radio: Best Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Radio Station 2015