Is an interactive digital news booth device that informs on the present geopolitics of the mediterranean countries. From booming economies to ancestral cultural unity, the mediterranean region witnessed very different civilizations like Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian and Islamic that completed each other in co-existence. Today, it is going through political, social and economical desunity. The deepest division lies probably between the north bank and the south bank. Mediplatea is designed to be set up in agoras, forums or public squares. It is a device that has a screen contained into a static frame aiming to have mediterraneans communicate randomly with each other through a videophone. It is meant to bridge Europe with Africa, opening a door to mediterraneans so that the legendary intercultural philosophy that linked the eastern world with the western world be reborn again, with universal values like social exchanges, dialogue, universality, while understanding the differences belonging to each culture.

Interactive news booth Mediplatea. L. 212 x W.166 x H. 263 cm, light concrete structure with included LED Screen.