Lomar is a Saudi clothing company. Their products, inspired by the country’s tradition, are renowned for being innovative and of high quality. They asked me to design a watch on the theme: “Cultural Edition”

When I started working on this project, I asked myself the question of knowing what was the best representation of time in our civilization. The answer was quickly found: the geometric pattern! Indeed, it is built from a circle and its infinity repetition is none other than the symbol of life that passes, which itself is only repetition. This 100% analog watch has an automatic movement of a very beautiful manufacture. Watch enthusiasts praise its robustness and reliability. The power reserve is 42 hours and it recharges automatically using the movements of your wrist.

You can buy this exceptional timepiece for 365 €. Only 500 copies are available.

Watch 966-212. 40mm diameter stainless steel case. leather bracelet.

Miyota 9015 Mouvement:

  • Ruby: 24 rubis
  • Screen: Date, hour, minute, second.
  • Shock absorbers for the pendulum
  • Precision: ~10 seconds per day
  • Power reserve: More than 42 hours

‘966-212 Cultural Edition’ watch is avainlable in lomar website I want one!