What’s more emblematic for Morocco than tea glass! Icon of Moroccan craftsmanship, the idea from Younes Duret was not to reinvent the glass itself, but to sublimate it by completing it and making it practical!

Creating a small object with the latest technology to print a 3D object at home has become obvious. It was while thinking on this new technology that he had the idea of the small handle.
No more burning your fingers with a too hot drink! This “handle” that can be printed in several colors for better personalization is also ecological, indeed it’s made with a bioplastic based on corn starch so 100% biodegradable.
With “Hez l’Kas” Younes proves that by cleverly combining two products from two totally different worlds, the project can reconcile craft and industry : « l’indusanat »! Cohabitation is possible when it is well conducted, from the idea to the finished product! Modernity also means keeping what already exist and completing it without distorting it!
Knowing the craze of tea in Morocco, the viability of this small handle is obvious …

Hez l’Kas handle, L. 4 x l. 7,6 x H. 50 cm, Made by 3D printing in bio-plastic.

Presented in preview in the hors-série of id Prestige, this creation is free of edition